there is limited help for those dealing with neurological disease or injury


Current treatments for certain neurological conditions are often temporal or palliative in nature. only a few offer hope for healing and restored function.

First results in preclinical studies in uses of mesenchymal stem cells with human and animal patient responses have been positive, showing improved motor and non-motor functionality. 

Some common neurological illnesses:

  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Conussion

Stem-cell technology offers us an amazing possibilities for neurological treatment. The ability to potentially assist the human body with regeneration of areas such as the brain and spinal cord would revolutionize how we understand and treat a wide range of neurological diseases. We are currently enrolling patients in our IRB studies to investigate the impact of stem cell therapy on stroke and traumatic brain injury.


There is minimal risk associated with Autologous STEM-CELL therapy, and THERE IS GREAT POTENTIAL FOR INCREASED HEALING.

Learn more about what is involved in a typical stem-cell therapy appointment.

PSC does not currently offer treatment for neurological disease
but is working to offer this treatment in the near future.