Cell banking

Because of Pittsburgh Stem Cell's affiliation with The Cell Surgical Network, we are privileged to provide our patients with Cell Banking.   

If so chosen, during a patient's initial extraction procedure, a small portion of excess fatty tissue is harvested. This excess tissue is proliferated and multiplied into a larger number of cells before being stored by means of cryopreservation. A process that we call "Cells on Ice". Through American Cryo-stem, and their FDA approved facilities, these banks will provide storage for a patient's own stem cells until such a time as they are needed.

In the short term, banking cells provides immediate access to protected cells should the need arise. This provides a convenience in that it saves time and money by avoiding further stem cell extractions.  An example would be a patient who receives a successful stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis in the knee. If there are future complications such as arthritis of the hips, the frozen cells can be thawed and injected in one simple, convenient procedure.  

However, access to these banked autologous cells becomes much more valuable in the event that a patient's overall health is threatened, as in often the case in pulmonary, cardiac, and neurological issues.  In such instances, immediate access to stem cells is vital to the effectiveness of the treatment.  Through the cell-banking network, there are options available that offer the convenience of having cells readily available with little to no wait time.  This type of service is used as a type of bio-insurance against severe to catastrophic health concerns.  

There is still much research to be done, but the science suggests that cell banking will give scientists and doctors the ability to provide patients with an indefinite number of their own stem cells.  

Such access could prove life-changing in providing patients with continued health and vitality that modern medicine has yet to supply.  


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Cell Banking can be utilized in conjunction with all stem-cell therapies

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